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Sochi Cheat Sheet: what athletes & press attachés need to know

Athletes aren’t the only ones making final preparations for Sochi. National Olympic Committee (NOC) press attachés are too. Now that we are in the home stretch, here are a few helpful hints worth reviewing. As always, please feel free to contact me if you have additional questions. See you in Sochi! Bosco! Bosco! * First, […]

Why LOCs must include press operations sooner than later

A colleague once described what I do for a living as being a S.W.A.T. team member. Other than rappelling off buildings, using high-powered firearms and wearing a bullet proof vest, at times I feel it’s a fairly accurate job description. I spring into S.W.A.T. mode after I receive a panicked phone call from event organizers who realize […]

Athletes: Why Publicity is Good for You

“While athletes urgently seek to build their brand, few realize the connection between brand-building and good old-fashioned publicity.”

Cheat Sheet: What every press attaché needs to know before London

“What are you supposed to do at the Olympic Games, really?”

Five Things Every Athlete Needs to Know Before London

Elite athletes at the world-class level leave nothing to chance. Especially those training for the Olympics. They eat, drink, sleep Olympics. They are incredibly well-organized, most are type-As (is there a hyper- type-A?) and they always, always have a plan. A plan for the year, the month, the day. In the 25 years I’ve been hanging […]

Five favorite “Condronisms” and how you too can be like Bob.

If Dr. Phil and Will Rogers had a baby, it would be Bob Condron. When Bob announced his retirement from the USOC at the end of this year, I was thrilled for him but sad for those who will miss out learning the ropes from Bob. I’ve not met anyone who understands media relations and […]

Agents & Publicists–is there hope?

NOTE: FEB. 14, 2013 TODAY WE LEARNED THAT OLYMPIAN OSCAR PISTORIUS HAS BEEN CHARGED WITH MURDERING HIS GIRLFRIEND. THIS BLOG WAS WRITTEN IN 2011. HERE IS A LINK TO THIS TRAGIC STORY: ************************************************************************************************************************** The Hatfields and McCoys, the GOP and the Dems, publicists and agents. Marriages made in hell? In my five-ringed universe, I […]

Be Your Own News Bureau

Don’t wait for the media to tell your story—tell it yourself!